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Comparison of processors

More than 2457 cpus for compare on specs, prices and customer reviews (new 2021 and older models): AMD 3020e, AMD 3015e, Intel Celeron G5900, AMD Athlon Silver 3050e, Intel Celeron G5905, AMD Athlon Silver 3050U, Intel Pentium Gold G6500, AMD Athlon Gold 3150U

AMDIntegrated GraphicsIntelPassmarkPrice-Quality

General information
Number of cores
Number of threads
Base frequency
Maximum frequency
Manufacturing process technology
Transistor count
Start price
Price-quality ratio
Maximum core temperature
Power Consumption (TDP)
Maximum case temperature (TCase)
Maximum memory bandwidth
Cinebench 10 32-bit single-core
Cinebench 10 32-bit multi-core
Cinebench 11.5 64-bit single-core
Cinebench 15 64-bit multi-core
WinRAR 4.0
x264 encoding pass 1
x264 encoding pass 2
TrueCrypt AES
3DMark06 CPU
Geekbench 2
Geekbench 3 32-bit single-core
Geekbench 3 32-bit multi-core
Cinebench 15 64-bit single-core
Geekbench 4.0 64-bit single-core
Geekbench 4.0 64-bit multi-core
3DMark Fire Strike Physics
Cinebench 11.5 64-bit multi-core
Cinebench R20 single core
Cinebench R20 multi core
RAM parameters
Maximum memory size