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Lenovo G585

DeviceList score
Lenovo G585
Screen diagonal 15.6 ''
The amount of RAM 4 Gb
Price-quality ratio 53.0 %

Lenovo G585 released in 2020 year and in 2023 have medium characteristics (better 37% of all notebooks). The main advantages of this model are: Screen diagonal: 15.6, The amount of RAM: 4, Price-quality ratio: 53.0.


Operating system
Windows 8
Numeric keypad block
Key illumination
Screen Type
IPS matrices are characterized by good viewing angles and color reproduction. SVA matrices - high contrast and good black reproduction but slower response. TN - low price and fast response time. Low contrast and not very good color reproduction. WVA - Best viewing angles but average color rendition. OLED is a more evenly lit and high contrast image. Nice black color. Disadvantages - when working with white color, increased power consumption.
Screen diagonal
15.6 ''
The name of the format
3D screen
Touch Screen
Screen Resolution
The number of pixels displayed by the display horizontally x vertically. Affects the highest possible image detail and may be important for streaming and gaming performance.
Processor Manufacturer
Processor Line
Processor Model
E1 1200
Number of processor cores
The high clock speed of the processor gives great computing performance for tasks oriented to 1 core. The number of processor cores must also be considered.
1.4 GGz
The L2 Cache
1 Mb
Processor architecture
Type of RAM
RAM Frequency
1333 MGz
The amount of RAM
The more RAM, the more applications you can use at the same time. For example, a large number of browser tabs and the simultaneous use of a graphical editor.
4 Gb
Number of slots for memory modules
The maximum amount of memory
A large maximum amount of RAM allows you to simultaneously run a large number of programs (every year the consumption of RAM, even by the browser alone, is growing)
16 Gb
The manufacturer of the chip
Video memory Type
Built-in video card model
The built-in video card allows you to save your laptop power in undemanding tasks with a graphics accelerator. For example, undemanding games and watching videos.
Radeon HD 7310G
crossfire / SLI array
Futuremark Video Card Performance Index
Total Hard Disk Space (HDD)
320 Gb
The spindle speed
5400 rpm
The presence of a webcam allows you to communicate via video communication, record video or conduct live broadcasts.
Built-in microphone
Support for memory cards by card reader
Optical drive
The presence of an optical drive allows you to read and write CDs, DVDs. This can be useful for viewing the MRI scan report and other data that is only available on this type of media.
Wireless Internet access
The Wi-Fi Standard
The more advanced Wi-Fi standard allows for faster data streaming. It also directly depends on the capabilities of your router or other Internet access point.
Type of network adapter (Ethernet)
The speed of the network adapter
100 Mbit/s
USB 2.0 ports
The more USB 2.0 ports are available, the more peripheral devices you can connect to your Notebook (eg a computer mouse, speakers, projector, etc.).
USB 3.0 ports
Video interfaces
Battery type
Battery Capacity
Large battery capacity increases laptop battery life and autonomy.
4300 mAh
Kensington Castle
Allows you to attach your laptop to a fixed large or heavy object to protect your laptop from theft.
245 mm
376 mm
34.3 mm
2.6 kg
Price-quality ratio
The sum of all the advantages of the device divided by its price. The higher the%, the better the quality per unit price in comparison with all analogues.
46.5 %
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