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Realme 6 Pro

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Realme 6 Pro
Start price 350 USD / 25550 ₹ (Rupees) / 273 £
Price-quality ratio 47.5 %
Camera matrix 64 MP
Capacity 4300 mAh
Maximum RAM Capacity 6 Gb
Maximum built-in memory 128 Gb
AnTuTu 281735

Realme 6 Pro released in 2020 year and in 2022 have good characteristics (better 58% of all smartphones). The main advantages of this model are: Start price: 350, Price-quality ratio: 47.5, Camera matrix: 64, Capacity: 4300, Maximum RAM Capacity: 6, Maximum built-in memory: 128, AnTuTu: 281735.


Realme 6 Pro review
Realme 6 Pro Review | Premium tech, budget price


Color depth
Number of bits used for color components per pixel
24 bit
Diagonal size
The larger the diagonal of the screen — the more comfortable the interaction with the device, especially it is worth noting watching videos and games.
6.6 inches
1080 x 2400 px
Aspect ratio
Pixel density
The high pixel density per inch allows you to display information on the screen with clearer details.
401 ppi
Display area
The area percentage occupied by the screen of the device with respect to the front side.
84 %
We recommend choosing the width of the device based on the length of your fingers, too wide models will not allow you to comfortably interact with one hand across the entire surface of the display.
75.8 mm
Depending on the length of your fingers, the height of the device may affect the comfort of using one hand.
163.8 mm
The thinner the smartphone, the more pleasant it is to hold in your hands. Usually this value correlates with the weight of the device.
8.9 mm
The weight of the device can greatly affect the comfort of using one hand, modern smartphones tend to reduce weight.
202 g
SoC (System on Chip)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
Technological process
The smaller the process, the more advanced the technology and the more transistors are placed on a chip of the same area, which gives higher performance.
8 nm
The processor is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions contained in software applications.
2x Kryo 360 2
CPU Bits
64-bit processors have higher performance compared to 32-bit and 16-bit
64 bit
Instruction set
Start price
350 USD
GPU Frequency
Clock frequency describes the speed in cycles per second.
750 MGz
Price-quality ratio
The sum of all the advantages of the device divided by its price. The higher the%, the better the quality per unit price in comparison with all analogues.
47.5 %
CPU Frequency
The frequency describes the speed, the more - the more cycles per second the processor processes and program instructions are executed.
2.3 MGz
Maximum RAM Capacity
RAM is required to store and quickly process data of the operating system and running applications at the moment. A large amount of RAM provides a good performance device.
6 Gb
Scores in the popular AnTuTu test show the potential performance of the device under high load. The more points the device scores, the better.
Fast charging
Maximum charge that can save the battery
4300 mAh
Focal length
Video resolution
Digital image stabilization
Face detection
Camera matrix
The number of megapixels depends on the size and resolution of photos and videos.
64 MP
Image resolution
The size and resolution of photos and videos depends on the number of megapixels.
16.04 MP
Focal length
Pixel size
Maximum built-in memory
The more internal memory, the more applications, video and other data you can store on your device.
128 Gb
Wi Fi hotspot
Bluetooth version
USB version
USB charging
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