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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

DeviceList score
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Price at the time of release 160.7 USD / 11731.1 ₹ (Rupees) / 125.346 £
Price-quality ratio 15.7 %

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live released in 2020 year and in 2024 have medium characteristics (better 27% of all headphones). The main advantages of this model are: Price at the time of release: 160.7, Price-quality ratio: 15.7.



Gaming headphones
Signal transmission method
Audio circuit format
The sound in headphones can be single-channel, two-channel or multi-channel (2.1, 6.2, 7.1). Such headphones have in each head microphone not one, but two or more speakers, for example, for better transmission of low and high frequencies.
Headset function
Price at the time of release
160.7 USD
Price-quality ratio
The sum of all the advantages of the device divided by its price. The higher the%, the better the quality per unit price in comparison with all analogues.
15.7 %
The Design Of The "True Wireless"
Diameter of the radiator membrane
The more, the more ideal depth and saturation of the sound from the device.
12 mm
Bluetooth version
Wireless radius
The more - the more distance from the signal source you can use headphones. It can be useful, for example, in the pool, leaving your smartphone without immersion in water.
10 m
Working time (with charging case)
29 h
Charging connector
USB Type-C
Headphone Battery Capacity
The higher the battery capacity, the longer the headphones can work without recharging, such autonomy is suitable, for example, for long walks and travel.
60 mAh
Support wireless charging
Degree of dust and moisture protection IP
Headphones for sports
The ear cushions fit as closely as possible to the surface of the ears. Allows you to engage in active sports without worrying that the headphones will fall out in the process.
11.2 g
Battery capacity of the case
472 mAh
Codec Support
Active noise reduction system
The system cuts off up to 95% of extraneous sounds when listening to music. With good headphones, you can feel quiet even in noisy environments.
Volume control
Built-in MP3 player
Memory expansion capability